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How It Works

With Orca, e-mail marketing campaigns are easier than ever to execute, from creation to list management to results tracking. Here's how it works!

Creating and Sending E-Mails

Complete control of e-mail content.

Titles, messaging, even graphics—Orca gives you full control of your e-mail campaigns!


Powerful personalization features.

Make your customers feel special by personalizing their e-mail. Whether it's in the greeting or throughout the message, you can personalize an e-mail as much or as little as you'd like.


Schedule mailings.

We're not just talking, "Get an e-mail out every Friday." (Although you can do that too.) Orca lets you schedule your mailings down to the minute!


Single-click design and spam testing.

Send a sample e-mail to make sure your message looks great and find out if it's susceptible to spam blockers. If there's a problem, Orca will tell you what it is.



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