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How It Works

Managing Lists and Subscribers

Easy import and subscriber list feature.

Orca makes it easier than ever to import and manage your lists, from adding and removing subscribers to organizing them.


Customized subscribe and unsubscribe process.

Make your subscribe and unsubscribe process all your own, and keep it all on your site.


Make things personal.

Orca gives you the ability to target groups of subscribers based on the information in your database. You can then create segments of the list for further personalization.


List hygiene.

This basically means Orca cleans up your lists. It automatically removes duplicate addresses and offers extensive bounce management, removing subscribers after so many bounce backs (at your discretion). Plus, Orca will validate e-mail formats, so you don't waste time sending messages to nonexistent addresses.


Sync with your systems.

We can also help you integrate Orca into your existing database or IT infrastructure, making full integration easier than ever.



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